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My name is Mark Cowan and I live in the South West of England. I have just been on an Expedition Cruise on the MS Bremen to South Georgia and Antarctica, where I found a brass Moose River Camping Club coin with the number 42 in the middle of the starburst on Petermann Island in the Antarctic. I have included a picture of myself on Petermann Island but unfortunately I never took one of the coin. I didn't realize what it was all about until I looked it up when I returned home. I will be going on holiday at Christmas so I may well place it for someone else to find. It's a great idea and hopefully it will keep going for years to come.

My Husband and I were visiting Southwest Harbor for our 30th wedding anniversary and found two MRCC coins on two separate days at Eagle Lake in Åcadia National Park. We look forward to paying them forward at a future hiking vacation. John and Barb Steffy I found one of the coins in a geocache on Eliot Mountain while visiting Acadia National Park. After seeing your website I would be honored to be a member of the MRCC. I have hiked all the NH 4000 footers, canoed the Saco, hiked all over Maine and love the outdoors. Thanks for sharing. Faye Doria

Hi. My name is Rob and I am the caretaker for the pavilion at Crystal Lake in Middletown, CT. I found one of your coins on our beach next to a sand castle. The lake if beautiful this time of year with the leaves changing color and migrating birds stopping by. As I am also a hiker I will pass the coin along for someone else to find. May it bring them the gift of a smile that it brought me. Rob Fullam

I found one of your coins in Acadia National Park. I will place it in one of my geocaches forsomeone else to find and enjoy. Judy Mickens Bar Harbor Couldn't find a good spot at Old Faithful geyser so I placed it near the inn. Don I found one of your coins stuck in a home made table, constructed between two trees, near the Northeast corner of the southeast end of Rainbow Lake. I had been bushwacking the north side of the lake for two days. Bill Geller, Farmington, Maine

We were crazy enough to be winter camping in the Catskills. We were at the Elm Ridge Lean-to in East Windam, NY. There was a foot of snow. We were working on building a fire and setting up the tent when we looked down and discovered the coin in the snow. We were pleasantly surprised to read about the Moose River Camping Club. This is a great idea and a great way to connect with fellow outdoor enthusiasts. Brady and Kathy Kattman

Found coins at Little Falls on the St. Croix River. We're the folks that look after the campsites and we may call on the MRCC to help us out on a future project. Lee Sochasky, waterway director.

I found one of your coins on a bike path next to the Great Miami River in southwest Ohio. Miamisburg, Ohio to be more specific. Found it around April 20, 2010. It was placed in the middle of a spray-painted mile marker on the ground at the bend in the road of the bikepath. Sunshine floods your face as you come around that bend. Several people walked over this coin but for some reason, only I saw it. I looked up your website and learned about your club. Awesome! I’m headed to Italy this week and plan to leave the coin in Rome or perhaps in the Tuscan countryside near Lake Trasemino. Hope someone carries on the legacy. What a great way to remember your friends. Susan A. Baker Miamisburg, Ohio USA

Earl I just got back from Germany. I deposited the coin at an Inn in Eibsee, about 8 kilometers from Garmisch-Partenkirchen in Bavaria. I placed it on the mantel over the fireplace. My wife, Marycarol, and I tried to get to the top of Germany’s highest mountain, the Zugspitze, but it was clouded in and raining. So we had lunch at the base of the Zugspitze, where you get the cable car, and placed the coin there. Hopefully you’ll hear back from from its finder! Don Lenahan, Bar Harbor

Greetings, My daughter (Earthbound AT, 08 and I were section hiking in Maine’s 100 mile wilderness on 7/31/10. Toward the top of Nesuntabunt Mt. we walked over to a ledge to catch a great view of Katahdin. In addition we also found one of your brass coins. The coin serves as reminder of the pristine beauty of Maine and also a wonderful dayhiking with my daughter. Thank You, Bonjour, Wesley Pruett

Hello MRCC, I just found one of your coins placed on a rock on the north ridge trail going up Cadillac Mountain in Acadia. I just thought I’d look up the coin on the Internet and found you. I have spent my whole life fishing and exploring the Moose River as well as the lake and other brooks and streams in the Moosehead Lake area. Who knows, we have probably run into each other at one point. Now I will be looking for you and your coins. I will probably place this coin on Mount Kineo. Happy Hunting Peter Patenaude, Registered Maine Guide Greetings MRCC brothers I recently placed one coin under an overhang on a cliff in Zion Canyon on the Overlook Trail in Zion National Park. I also left one near the Colorado River at Lee’s Ferry in an area called Paria Canyon-Vermillion Cliffs Wilderness Area. They are in obvious spots but you have to get out of your car and walk a couple miles. Steve Moore, Bar Harbor, Maine

Hi, I found one of your coins last night 12/02/09 at the University of Maine at Orono. It was inside of the Collins Center of Arts. So I looked up what the coin was and saw that it was a part of your club. After looking at your website I noticed that most (seems like all) coins were found in the wilderness, I hiked Katahdin and Bigelow about two months ago. Ed. Note: left after an Arlo Guthrie Concert Zach Jordan

Hello, Herewith we inform you that the MRCC coin was given to us on our last Holiday on Aruba (from Saturday 14 November - Tuesday 24 November 2009). We were staying in the Holiday Inn and have met a couple from Connecticut who has given this coin to us. Best regards, Eugene and Jolanda Flohr Gorinchem, The Netherlands

Jorge Mendez found a coin in a canyon in Wyoming on Aug. 30, 2009. “I was riding my bycicle off the trail by a canyon here in Wyoming and by a wind mill I came across one of the MRCC coins! I was super thrilled and wondered what it was and I went online and am surprised and ready to put the coin somewhere new. Hope someone finds it and want to see where it ends up!”

Eilidh McKinnon of New Hampshire found a coin atop the South Bubble in Acadia National Park on her birthday

Hello MRCC Members, I’d like to let you know that I found one of your MRCC coins left on a rock at Eagle Lake on May 15th about 2:00 PM. I had just finished a carriage path walk from Eagle Lake Parking lot over to Duck Brook and Witch Hole Pond looking for migrating spring warblers. I was to meet my husband who was biking the Around Mtn. loop and Eagle Lake loop and decided to sit on the stone bench that is past the boat launch area at the lake to wait and enjoy the view when I spotted the coin on a rock in front of me. My husband and I live in Connecticut and have traveled to Acadia every year for the past 20 or so. Now that we have retired we go up to Acadia three times a year - Spring, Summer and Fall- and we’re still always awed by it’s beauty. We’ll be going to VA to bike the New River Trail ( another yearly event for us) in Sept. and I plan to leave my coin somewhere along the trail. I look forward to reading about someone finding it and reporting it. Happy Trails, Linda Barnes

Other locations include: Katahdin, Chimney Pond, Camel’s Hump VT, Cadillac Mountain, Machu Picchu Peru, The Acropolis, Guam, Hawaii, Mt. Deravica Kosovo, California, Connecticut, Harper’s Ferry WV, Ayer’s Rock Australia

Coin spot on Uluru, Ayer's Rock in Australia

Photos by Mel Rice


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